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July 30 2023
10 AM-2 PM
$120 All materials + light refreshments included

This  IN-PERSON interactive art practice will guide you to the spiritual in your creative, and the creative in your spiritual. During this 4 hour workshop, students will create unique, large scale chakra inspired collage art work. Stephanie will provide the step by step process to support this fun and introspective art making experience.


This workshop is perfect for all levels of artists, from beginners to professionals.


 The Chakra System is energy fluid and expansive, radiating upward and outward. This vibrant explosion of found imagery is repurposed in the artwork as organized at the system itself. This is the inspiration for the Chakra Collage and the Chakra Collage Workshop.


Collage is one of the most expressive, accessible and efficient art forms.

The symbolic language of images bypasses the linear mind to give expression to intuitive inner knowing—a natural creative flow. 


Stephanie spent 30 years teaching at Brentwood Art Center and  loves hosting groups for art making, community building, creative exploration and play.


All materials, including curated collage materials, are provided. No flipping through magazine needed.


"It was such a beautiful experience! Loved being there, and I look forward to continuing to explore and create more alongside you."- Barbara

"Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your workshop and meeting you both. Thank you for your kindness and hospitality as well as your creative support. You two are bring joy into peoples lives."- Ruth

"I so enjoyed meeting you and thoroughly enjoyed your class! You provided the most beautiful imagery for us. It was informative and a wonderful new form of expression for me personally, as I had never worked with collage before."- John

" All I can say is THANK YOU!

I had missed being creative and your workshop was exactly what I needed to get the spark lit again."-Patty

"Thanks to you both for yesterday's Chakra Collage workshop! It was really wonderful to just dive deep into the Heart Chakra as inspiration to for my art work."-Kim

"WOW what an experience! The studio is a truly magical space and the two of you are a joy to learn from. This was my first time learning about Chakras and it was the perfect way to tap into my energetic body as inspiration for art making. I will recommend this workshop to all of my friends!"- Peter


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