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BRANCH ART INSTITUTE aims to bring people together in shared space and for an arts rich experience. Our classes and workshops support both experienced artists and creative seekers alike. Current workshop offerings use chakras as our artistic framework as well as color, shape and a variety of mediums to explore and make visible our subtle and energetic maps, imprints, creations.

Art summer camp is designed to give kids the opportunity to explore

their creativity, new techniques and materials while having a ton of fun!


Art workshops are designed to give adults the opportunity to be together to learn, explore, create and play.

Each workshop is bold and unique.  The four + hour art day will provide participants the time to indulge in highly involved dynamic projects. 

The mission of art workshops are to provide guidance and tools so each  artist can create with confidence and have a ton of fun while doing it.




Stephanie is an Artist, Art Educator, Spiritual Seeker, Non-profit founder, and Mother.

Stephanie's journey as an artist began as an infant in her fathers painting studio and continues at the Otis Art Institute of Parsons School of Design focusing in photography and graduating with a bachelor in fine arts. Upon graduation in 1990, she began growing her commercial photography business while also teaching mixed media art classes to children at The Brentwood Art Center in, Brentwood, Ca. In 2001, after a trip to Nepal, Stephanie founded The Unatti Foundation, which 20 years later continues to provide life changing programs for girls in Nepal. It was her work at The Brentwood Art Center that sparked the idea to open The Unatti Art and Music Center in 2010, offering free art and music classes to hundreds of children in Bhaktapur Nepal.

Stephanie's art work is rooted in the Chakra system. She seeks to create a visual language to map the manifesting and liberating currents of our highly organized subtle energy body. She works with the symbolic language of color and images to bypasses the linear mind to give expression to intuitive inner knowing—the natural creative flow.

"I am motivated to host groups for art and making and community building. Hungry myself for this quality of connection, Branch Arts is fulfillment of my own own creative drive. I’m honored to support others in our ongoing spiritual awakening through making art."- Stephanie Waisler-Rubin





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