We will together embark on a creative journey learning about the Chakra system, the energetic road map and its energetic centers in the body. This life force energy will be our creative guide as we map its flow in our bodies with our paint & brushes, creating a self portrait of the manifesting and liberating currents within each of us. This creative process is like a meditation: at some point you become completely absorbed and time stands still as you allow your creativity to flow through you.

I was first introduced to chakra mapping painting over 25 years ago while attending a workshop at Esalen Institute in Big Sur. Dropping into wordlessness, allowing the paint brush to follow the energy flowing within and around the body, feeling color, and trusting intuition ... I just loved it all! Chakra mapping paintings has been an integral part of my spiritual practice ever since.

All levels of art experience welcome

No drawing nor arts experience is needed

No knowledge of the chakra system needed

 In order to adhere to the most up to date Covid Guidelines, Branch Art is offering small art workshops (Maximum of 10 Students).  The studio set up will provide social distance while working at tables or on the walls. The outside garden space will be available for snack, and lunch allowing for social distance outside while eating. To create the safest environment, temperatures will be taken at the start of workshop and all the teachers/assistance have been fully vaccinated.